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The Container Spray System




 portable thermal spray and blasting facilities

We are the first in our industry to develop a containerized coating facility.  A facility so advanced it lets you take our thermal spray process anywhere - down to your dock, on the flight line, into your shop, or aboard a ship.  By providing only power and air hookup, you can have a turnkey processing center wherever you need it.  As an alternative to having us come to your site, you can lease or purchase  your own Flame Spray Containerized System and have your own personnel certified by our training program. Navy and commercial facilities in the U.S. and large ships at sea have found this is the efficient solution.   



Everything you need fits in a shipping container.  

Our system consists of two containers. One for grit blasting, and one for thermal spraying. These rugged containers house all the equipment necessary to do the job. The grit blast container has an air-swept container; cyclone separator; and complete blasting equipment. The Thermal Spray Container has a large spray booth, air drying system, spray console, and guns.



We can put our Containers just about anywhere. 

These containers are easily moved by crane or fork-lift to any location. On ship, on dock, at your plant, you are assured of having the highest quality facility, meeting or exceeding OSHA requirements.  And it's approved and used the world over by the U.S. Navy, commercial shipbuilders and other industries concerned with corrosion control and restoration of worn parts.



Our Flame Spray Inc personnel will work at your site.

We have expertly trained operators who will come right to where you work.  Our trained personnel are certified in all phases of thermal spraying, and will install and operate a Flame Spray Containerized System at your site.  They can help solve your problems with expert advice and workmanship.  And when the job is done, we simply pack up our containers and return them to the factory.  You have the flexibility and speed of onsite work, without the long term investment.

Flame Spray Containers are utilized by the Naval shipyards around the country.  You'll find us in the Puget Sound, Pearl Harbor, Philadelphia, North Island and some of the best civilian shipbuilding yards around.



Flame Spray Inc will custom design a system for you.

Choose from our many standard containerized models, or have a container custom built to your specifications.  Add robotics and a computerized spraying program and you have a completely automatic spraying facility.  Plus, after you have chosen the Container that fits your specific requirements, we can arrange for financing. We are known by the high profile customers we serve - and keep!  We would like to add your company's name to the list.


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