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  The Solution To Propeller Fouling


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Prop-Coat    is a specially designed coating system that was originally developed for the U.S. Navy to electrically isolate and prevent fouling to the propellers of the submarine fleet. It is now for the first time available to the commercial, sport fishing and yachting industry.  The Prop-Coat  coating creates a surface that greatly inhibits marine growth and because of its extreme hardness, it reduces the effect of erosion or cavitations that plagues all propellers.  In addition, electrolysis of the propeller is virtually eliminated.


The ceramic coating creates a 100% electrical barrier that completely isolates the propeller.  this barrier significantly helps the life of the sacrificial zinc anodes thereby reducing their replacement frequency.  Prop-Coat  is applied by a process that melts ceramic powder at temperatures above 3000 F and through an extreme high velocity particle accelerator propels the molten particles onto the propeller surface at over 2000/ft/sec input speed.  This application produces a coating with excellent antiparticle fusion and extremely high bond strengths with hardness greater than Rockwell C 60.




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