Why Flame Spray Inc is the first name in creating surfaces that last.

For over 50 years, Flame Spray Inc has been a leader and innovator in the application of Thermal Sprayed Coatings.  Our facilities and reputation are worldwide; from Yokosuka Japan to Nome Alaska, from Norfolk Virginia to the Scandinavian countries.

Almost every industry has a potential need for Thermal Spray Coatings.  You may already recognize an existing need, or we may be able to point out potential applications that will save you significant amounts of money and time by extending the serviceable life of parts and components. We have already created long-wearing new surfaces for companies in electronics, computers, petrol chemicals, geothermal, nuclear power, printing and maritime.

Flame Spray Inc Office in 1966

The original Flame Spray Inc office in 1966

Complete Flame-Spraying capabilities under one roof.

There are four different thermal spraying systems today and we offer them all:

Each has its advantages. We have the experience to know which system is best for your application and the skill to apply it professionally.

Got a tough problem? Let us develop a specific material.

We have a full-time research group in our San Diego laboratory developing new processes and materials.  If you have a tough problem, we will develop the materials and come up with the solution.  If you are faced with corrosion problems, excessive wear, and want to extend the life of your equipment and components, give Flame-Spray Inc. a call.  Let us show you how we can apply our state-of-the-are research to your everyday problems. At a fraction of the replacement cost.

Some big problems have fired our imagination:

  • Environmental Marine and Industrial Corrosion
  • Increasing Thermal Conductivity
  • Reducing Fouling in Fresh and Salt Water
  • Creating Thermal Barriers
  • Solving Wear and Erosion
  • Restore Components to their Original Condition
  • Changing the Surface to Increase Component Life